About Me

Who Is Behind All This

Sebastian Nadeau

I develop effective marketing solutions for your business in both print and digital media. My focus is on website design & development, as well as motion graphics.

Digital marketing that I provide includes: Website development and promotion with social media. Working with with Google analytics, we can track visitors and see what areas of the website people are spending the most time on.

Print solutions I provide include: brochures, logo design, stationary, posters, business cards, and any form of printed material that you need. Feel free to send me a message on my contact page for more information.

Why Choose Me?

Working on complex challenges and then finding simple yet effective solutions is something I really enjoy doing. With a passion for communicating ideas to people visually through different mediums, and an excitement for programming.

High Quality

You will always receive high quality work from me. My passion is in the details, and I put great care and attention in what I do.

Great User Experience

I build websites that are easy to use, intuitive and simple. Finding the right information on the site will be direct and clear.

Fair Prices

While I deliver on quality your wallet doesn’t have to take a toll. I work at a reasonable rate, and price my work fairly.

What My Clients Think

"When we wanted to create our first commercial website for Distinctive Audio, it seemed like a daunting project –we just didn't know what was involved or how to get started. Sebastian was a pleasure to work with; his creative design ideas, combined with his impressive technical skills and attention to detail, resulted in a website that surpassed our expectations in its features, appearance and functionality. He had both the confidence and the know-how to get the results we were looking for."

Brian Qureshi
High-End Audio Expert
Distinctive Audio

"His valuable knowledge of the latest programs used to develop this type of marketing tool was impressive and he consistently presented innovative ways to convey various ideas. Sebastian understands the importance of how images are used to convey an idea and presented a final product that exceeded my expectations."

Diane Banks
Faculty Marketing Specialist, Arts, Media and Design
Algonquin College

"Sebastian did great work on a music video. He is a creative videographer that used creative videography elements in his work that was appreciated in the finished product."

Daniel Gauthier
Singer & Songwriter

"Skylight Designs offers a wide range of services that would be of benefit to any business."

Don Curtin
Research Librarian
National Capital Association of Information Professionals

My Clients