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Craft CMS – Perfect for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

At Skylight Designs we offer web design and development services using content management systems based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Craft CMS is our favourite content management system to use on the market. Its flexible design and intelligent architecture allows for a completely custom made and scalable web solution. We create affordable professional websites as a freelance Craft CMS developer. We have experience providing a full stack development service, by providing digital solutions consisting of both front-end development and back-end development.

Craft CMS is perfect for small to medium sized business that want to easily manage and update content to their website. Using intuitive and simple Matrix fields, you can easily build your web pages, as if you were playing with lego blocks.

Implementing Top Notch Search Engine Optimization

Craft CMS has excellent on page SEO with the addition of the premium SEOmatic plugin. SEOmatic allows you to have unique titles for every page, meta descriptions for your content that you can control. It implements schema markup for your website so that Google can better crawl and understand your business. This plugin also enables you the ability to connect with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, two valuable tools to track your website visitors from Google and Facebook respectively.

Update Every Single Aspect of Your Website

Out of the box, Craft CMS can do a lot. It organizes your content in a very planned and meticulous manner. Literally, you can have every single aspect of your website updatable. That’s right, if you want, we can set up your website in a way where you can update every single part of it yourself. That’s pretty amazing, and what’s more, this can be done in a very flexible manner, even with interactive elements, such as lightboxes, carousels and accordions.

"Literally, you can have every single aspect of your website updatable."

As a freelance Craft CMS web developer, I have been working in web design and development in Ottawa for over two and half years. I graduated from Algonquin College, and have worked at three well established companies before starting my own business. Working with different content management systems, I am confident that I can successfully complete your project with Craft CMS.

E-Commerce Websites with Craft Commerce

Being a web developer, I am able to create e-commerce websites that can sell digital or physical products. Craft Commerce is a first party e-commerce solution by Pixel and Tonic, the developers who created Craft CMS. With Craft Commerce, you can elegantly manage your e-commerce store, by sorting products in different groups. You can enable or disable a product and hide it from the website. You can also toggle whether you want a product to be purchasable or not. Craft Commerce is an excellent robust e-commerce solution that seamlessly integrates with Craft CMS. The biggest benefit of creating an e-commerce website backed by a content management system is that, your content marketing and products blend together. To be be a successful online seller, you need to market your products through content, and Craft CMS handles this exceptionally well.

Preview Your Content With Ease

Another big feature of Craft CMS is the ability to have live previews. With live previews, you are able to see your website on the right side of the screen, and edit your content on the left side of the screen. Your updates also show up in real time! This type of functionality and ease of use makes working with Craft CMS a real joy.

Excellent Security

Craft CMS also has excellent security and is not as prone to attacks as other more well known content management systems.

Since Craft CMS is built on the Yii 2 framework, it uses the model view controller architecture which makes it very intelligently designed. This benefit results in having your content load on the web pages very quickly. This added speed optimizes your SEO for Google and favours your content in search rankings.

Professional Craft CMS Web Developer

As a professional freelance Craft CMS web developer, we create responsive websites for our clients. This gives an excellent experience for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.
As you’ll discover more about Craft CMS, you will really enjoy what it has to offer. The clean and organized modern interface is just one of the perks of using this content management system.

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What Clients Have Said

"When we wanted to create our first commercial website for Distinctive Audio, it seemed like a daunting project –we just didn't know what was involved or how to get started. Sebastian was a pleasure to work with; his creative design ideas, combined with his impressive technical skills and attention to detail, resulted in a website that surpassed our expectations in its features, appearance and functionality. He had both the confidence and the know-how to get the results we were looking for."

Brian Qureshi
High-End Audio Expert
Distinctive Audio

"His valuable knowledge of the latest programs used to develop this type of marketing tool was impressive and he consistently presented innovative ways to convey various ideas. Sebastian understands the importance of how images are used to convey an idea and presented a final product that exceeded my expectations."

Diane Banks
Faculty Marketing Specialist, Arts, Media And Design
Algonquin College

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