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Craft CMS is ideal for full content control. This gives you the ability to update every aspect of your website's content with a unique a custom branded design.

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Quality & Affordability

Not only will your website look well designed, and be editable by the business owner; it will also be optimized to show up in search engines and be accessible to people across the globe with semantically well-written code.

  • 01. Exceptional care in our work.
  • 02. Stellar design and solid code.
  • 03. Custom designed e-commerce store.
  • 04. Fully optimized technical on-page SEO.
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What Makes Us Different?

We Take the Time to Care

We take the time to access your project requirements and dedicate the proper time and energy required to make your dreams a reality. We create custom branded websites and web applications that will delight your customers. We allow you to make updates to your website by giving you an admin panel for each project we deliver.

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Key Benefits of Craft CMS

The key benefits of Craft CMS, is that it allows you to create a fully custom online presence
where you have complete control over your content. It has superb SEO and integrates
very well with a scalable custom E-Commerce solution known as Craft Commerce.

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We are local, in Ottawa Ontario, and can communicate
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions that need an answer?
Have a look at these frequently asked questions:

1. What is Craft CMS?

Craft CMS is a content management system created by Pixel and Tonic in 2013. It is in our opinion the best content management system on the market. It gives you complete control over your website's content while providing superb SEO, when implemented correctly.

2. How does Craft CMS compare to WordPress?

Craft CMS was built from the ground up to be a content management system, while WordPress began as a blogging platform. The difference is in the content structure. Craft CMS has unique fields for every element on your website, while WordPress just has one content field.

3. Does Craft CMS offer e-commerce?

Yes it does! Craft Commerce is a first-party e-commerce plugin that can be purchased at the Craft store. The light version of Craft Commerce is: $199 USD per project then $39 USD a year to maintain. The pro version is: $999 USD per project and $199 USD a year to maintain after that.

4. Who do you recommend Craft CMS for?

Craft CMS is ideal for any sized business that wants to invest more heavily into their online presence. It is best suited for websites that have a lot of content and for businesses that wish to invest in digital marketing and focus on SEO.

What My Clients Think

"When we wanted to create our first commercial website for Distinctive Audio, it seemed like a daunting project –we just didn't know what was involved or how to get started. Sebastian was a pleasure to work with; his creative design ideas, combined with his impressive technical skills and attention to detail, resulted in a website that surpassed our expectations in its features, appearance and functionality. He had both the confidence and the know-how to get the results we were looking for."

Brian Qureshi
High-End Audio Expert
Distinctive Audio

"His valuable knowledge of the latest programs used to develop this type of marketing tool was impressive and he consistently presented innovative ways to convey various ideas. Sebastian understands the importance of how images are used to convey an idea and presented a final product that exceeded my expectations."

Diane Banks
Faculty Marketing Specialist, Arts, Media and Design
Algonquin College

"Sebastian did great work on a music video. He is a creative videographer that used creative videography elements in his work that was appreciated in the finished product."

Daniel Gauthier
Singer & Songwriter

"Skylight Designs offers a wide range of services that would be of benefit to any business."

Don Curtin
Research Librarian
National Capital Association of Information Professionals

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