The Best Way to Find Clients Online in the Short Term

Oct 08, 2021 Marketing Comments


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Best Way of Finding Clients Online

From my experience in marketing I’ve dabbled with all sorts of methods of attracting clients online. The single most effective method that worked for me quickly was making a Kijiji ad and positioning myself on quality and longevity rather than price. I’ve even stated that my prices could range anywhere from $900 CAD to $1600 CAD openly, and I still received inquiries quickly while there were others on the platform that offered websites for $300 dollars.

Positioning Yourself on Kijiji

The key to this is to explain the value that you’re offering in simplicity and to talk about what you can do for the client without going into too much technical detail. I positioned myself on Kijiji based on creating completely custom designs with custom written code. In addition to website speed and security, I also deliver branding for the organization that will attract their ideal target audience. This creates a first stepping stone to attract visitors to your online presence.

With Kijiji you have to be careful however, because if you don’t position yourself well, you may be facing unreasonable requests and may attract people that may be difficult to work with. It’s all about setting expectations at the beginning so that you and your client know what to expect. Managing expectations is a big part of freelancing and that is what Stefan Mischook talk about as well in his online videos whom I follow on YouTube.

My Kijiji Ad

This is how I position myself on Kijiji, this is how I write my ad:

Well Designed, Branded Websites, that Attract Your Ideal Audience

Are you looking to build an audience? Are you thinking of creating a website?

Having an online presence with a website is a key step in building an audience for your organization or individual goal. What I offer is graphic design and web development services that will help you in achieving your goals.

The websites I create can all be edited and updated easily by the person using the site, with an easy and simple to use interface. All the web design and development services I have, offer a completely custom designed website, where we can make any edits to the design that you wish. There are no constraints. This means that we can create a design that is perfectly aligned with your branding and messaging. With a unique logo, and content that is tailored to your goal.

Here are some features we can include on your website:

  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Contact Form
  • Google Maps
  • Landing Pages
  • Comments Section
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Downloadable Documents
  • Selling Physical Goods Online
  • Selling Digital Products Online

What is exciting is that all this content can be easily managed and edited while using a simple administration panel. We make sure that our code and set up is optimized for Google and Bing search engines and that your blog posts will display well when shared on social media.

We take care of all the small details of the project so you can be left with a quality product that will last you for many years to come. We work with content management systems such as:, WordPress, and Craft CMS. Our work is custom designed and custom coded. Our price range ranges anywhere from $900 CAD to $1600 CAD, we will work with you based on your budget and will accommodate your needs based on the budget and time frame we have to work with.

We are not the least expensive option out there, however we pride ourselves on quality work and producing a result for you that will last many years in the future. We take our time to look after all the small crucial details to get you on the right path. If you are interested to know exactly what these details entail, feel free to email me at: [email protected] or you can call me at: (613) 501-4487.

Our website can be seen at:

We believe we offer terrific value for what we offer and we hope to work with you on your next endeavour.

Thank you for reading.


Sebastian Nadeau